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How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages[2020]

It is similar to scheduling emails, it can come handy to disturb your friend in the middle of the night or just wish your mom ‘Happy Birthday’ in case you are away.

SKEDit is the most popular app to schedule messages from your phone. Along with WhatsApp, you can schedule text messages, Emails, Calls, and Facebook posts. It basically simulates how a user would send a WhatsApp text, and for that reason, there are a couple of special permissions you need to give. For example, it requires you to remove the lock from your phone and grant permissions like Notifications Access and Accessibility service to run properly. If the phone is locked, it’ll give you a notification on the lock screen.

To get it working, install the app from the Play Store, and open it, select WhatsApp, and draft the message. After that just select the recipient and time to finalize the scheduling.

Step 1: Open app And click on the Whatsapp option.

Step 2: Give the necessary permissions it needs.

Step 3: Now add recipients by clicking on the ‘ + ‘ symbol and select whom you want to schedule message. [You Can also add multiple recipients]

Step 4: Write your message in the message section and change the schedule settings according to your requirements.

Now, hit the option and you are done.

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