Unique Phone

A Unique Phone From Andy Rubin(Android’s Co-founder)

As we speak of this unique phone Andy Rubin recently posted video and photos of this phone on his Official Twitter handle. he called it ‘GEM’


Essential confirmed that the company is working on this device by posting photos and other details about these phones and also registered a trademark for “Gem” back in the June. Checkout there tweet here.

Here’s the Photos of the phone for a better look.

As you can see that it’s a palm phone. But palm device didn’t seem able to catch many audience. Anyway, Currently, there are four colours shown in the photos Above blue, red, orange, and sea green. The colour finishing is highly reflective maybe it’s referring to GEM. 

Now let’s take a closer look at the phone there’s a punch hole selfie camera on the front, a large camera with flash and maybe a fingerprint sensor in the back.

So it’s the information about this device. Let us know what you think about this phone.

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